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• Community Housing Network-Housing Resource

Our Housing Resource Center is a free service and the best first step for anyone in a housing challenge. Our trained specialists can help recommend options connecting callers to programs and resources to address housing needs.

Phone Number: 248-269-1335 or (toll-free) 1-866-282-3119 Email:

Our Housing Resource Center (HRC) is a one-stop-shop to help people with their housing needs. When you call the HRC, a trained housing specialist will conduct an intake screening. Your responses will guide the screening process to recommend options connecting you to the programs and resources to address housing needs. Such programs will include:

  • Community resources and programs that provide housing assistance

  • Affordable housing options

  • Information on subsidized housing and other long-term housing options

Each program has its own eligibility requirements, which is why we need to ask you questions. Our specialists will figure out all options and connect you to the right programs and resources based on eligibility and circumstance.

Note: The Housing Resource Center is the designated HARA (Housing Assessment and Resource Agency) for Oakland County through the Continuum of Care and MSHDA (the Michigan State Housing Development Authority).

Who is eligible? Anyone can call the Housing Resource Center. We are here to help! We serve Oakland and Macomb counties. If you live outside of these counties please use this list to find the housing resource organization in your area.

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