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 Women in Transition Project

One of our key goals is to provide transitional housing for women and children for a minimum of two years. We plan to teach and guide them as they redesign their life plan. It takes time to create a thriving lifestyle of your own and it is our goal to provide love and support on the journey. Women in transition typically have to rely primarily on services offered through local shelters and government agencies that are often “first come, first served” and have limited funding. Shelters usually only have nightly availability or interim housing which gives a small window of time where they can reside (typically between 30-90 days). We are currently seeking opportunities to take space in a facility that will extend the opportunity for residence as well as provide counseling and enrichment services. 

The services will include:

  • Money Management

  • Health & Wellness

  • Education (General Education Diploma)

  • Spiritual Enrichment

  • Family Care

  • Job Readiness

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