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Geneva Jackson

Founder & CEO

It is an honor to present such a wonderful soul to the community. We have been blessed and honored to have Geneva Jackson as Our Founder and she has truly taken this purpose and made gold with it. We are pleased to share her story and help you get acquainted with the person that helps bring the vision to past year after year. 

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Welcome to Sara's House/Place 
"We are a group of empowered women with a divine purpose to empower women."

Geneva Jackson is a phenomenal staple in our community here in Detroit. She has taken the charge in maintaining the legacy of her late maternal grandmother Mrs. Sara B. Coats and done exceptionally well building a true legacy that will stand the test of time. Geneva has trailblazed her way through starting a this 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization for the Metro Detroit Community and she started by focusing on the key elements her grandmother always stood firm on empowerment, mentorship, and the development of women and children.


Mrs. Coats saw the troublesome experiences the women and children in her community experienced due to homelessness and abuse, and she sought to eradicate the problems. Although, Geneva has never experienced homelessness or abuse, in 2005 she was inspired to continue in her grandmother's footsteps and assist women that were living in a cycle of hurt and pain. At the time, Geneva had no idea the journey that was ahead but her warm heart led many women young & old to come to her for advice and counseling. Her guidance and ability to lend an ear to those that often needed someone to connect with was the impetus and springboard for the creation of Sara’s House/Place.


With an extensive career and a thirst for continual knowledge, Geneva was formerly employed by the City of Detroit for over 20 years in various positions.Throughout the years Geneva has also taken courses at Wayne County Community College, Michigan State University and University of Michigan. She's continued her education by taking training classes to help her stay rooted and up to date on the latest things going on in our community. Geneva is knowledgeable about grant writing and also holds several leadership positions in her church.


Geneva’s grandmother was a woman of great courage that believed strongly in the importance of working with community members in need. She always opened her door to those in need. She imparted upon Geneva that there was a “special call” on her life and that it is incumbent upon her to keep herself in a place where she could be used for greater service. Being thankful for that call we now have Sara's House/Place to depend upon when our community is in trouble.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(313) 473-7814

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