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Community Baby Shower

Annually Sara’s House/Place sponsors a community baby shower for expectant mothers from ages 13 and above. This is a gift of love to homeless and/or low-income moms-to-be that resides in Michigan. We provide our mothers with a beautiful event just for them in hopes to help lighten the load and help prepare for their new bundle of joy. Our Community and Corporate Sponsors come together with Sara's House/Place and showers us with donations that are equally given to each mother based on the gender of their child. Each mother also receives a gift bag prepared especially for them for we must not forget to love on our moms as well. We do provide our moms with FREE access to the event. All donation proceeds also help fund out next annual shower this is a moment to pay it forward for new expectant moms.

We do provide workshop participation to qualify

Classes can include

  •  Financial Literacy

  •  Résumé Writing

  •  Vision Boards/Goal Setting Techniques

  •  Parenting Classes

  • Stress Management

  • Breastfeeding & Lactation 


Our Application Process starts within the 1st and 2nd week of April each year. ALL applications must be submitted prior to the baby shower to be considered. During the first week of May we send out all acceptance letters and invitations. The second week of each month, May and June workshop participation will be expected. All workshops are currently being held virtually. Please be sure to check your emails for instructions on how to participate. 



Housing & Stability

You must currently reside in Michigan and have housing and/or stability issue.

This can be homelessness, low- income, recently laid off/no income, separated/divorced and staying with family. It is important to us here at Sara's House/Place that we serve families who are in need. We do celebrate women and children in various ways, however for our community baby showers we want to highlight those situations that are in dire need of love and support. We work hard as an organization to partner with top corporate entities in our community to provide a beautiful event for women who truly need help. We ask that you be sure to qualify before applying. See our application to see that proof will be needed to qualify. 


Education & Preparedness

We are very set on providing knowledge and information that leads to growth. We understand obstacles come, however we never want to leave you without a way to do better for the future. As mothers we know our children depend on us for love, care, and stability. It is our goal here at Sara's House/Place to ensure you have the proper tools to provide your child(ren) with just that. We provide workshops that are available once a month for 90 days up until our event. We ask that you participate in at least 1 workshop each month (3) in total to qualify for the baby shower participation points. This shows dedication to yourself and your new baby. Also it ensures that we've done our due diligence in providing adequate information and education to help you prepare for the road ahead. 


Gratitude & Service

Situations may come and go but a grateful heart can be forever. We love to see your smiling faces at our events. It helps our team and community sponsors know we have truly touched lives with all that we do. We ask that you come ready to receive and full of gratitude. We are not always able to serve everyone due to donations and funding by our community. If you are selected to participate please understand how happy we are to have you. Please know that someone else may not have been able to receive from us this year. So you are extra special to us and we want to see how it blesses you truly. 

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